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Mission statement:
MAS is dedicated to producing quality analytical work on economic policy alternatives and options which will enhance the decision making process among Palestinian policy makers.


MAS’s research program contributes substantially to the knowledge-based policy environment. Its research is instrumental to the decision-making process, which depends on the drafting of effective policies and strategies that address critical socioeconomic problems and promote development. Over the past 20 years, MAS produced more than 280 publications in the fields of Economic and Social Policies Research. MAS research priorities are guided by discussions with the economic and social policy-making communities and by focusing on the most important issues faced by decision-makers.

The current 2014-2016 research program focuses on five key areas: trade policies, fiscal policies, monetary policies, labor and employment policies, and housing and construction policies. The program also includes research on socio-economic issues such as poverty, social security, and the informal sector. Other research in related sectors, particularly industry, energy and agriculture, are addressed according to need and the availability of resources.


To download the full list of publications, follow this link.