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MAS roundtables are held to discuss economic development and issues of national priority. The objective of these meetings is to analyze selected topical issues from different angles in order to formulate realistic recommendations and policy guidelines based on evidence and best practice.
In preparation for each roundtable, MAS prepares a background paper on the subject under discussion and invites carefully chosen experts to provide analyses from different vantage points. Around thirty to forty stakeholders, including leaders from academia and representatives of the private, civil, and public sectors, take part in the ensuing discussion.

The program aims to respond to the needs of policy makers and the local community who require constructive analyses on economic, social, and developmental issues, thus allowing them to formulate optimal solutions. Key speakers and participants debate openly and provide recommendations on alternatives to deal with the issue at hand. The outcome of the roundtable discussion is then communicated to the relevant authorities and stakeholders. MAS also publishes the proceedings of each meeting in a press release posted in the local press and printed on its webpage.

To browse through the list of topics of these sessions and names of keynote speakers or to access the full-text of background papers, follow the links below.